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Citizens Alliance for Progress, Inc., (CAP), is a non-profit, community
based, multiracial, civic organization. CAP was founded in 1982,
by a group of concerned African-American citizens living
in the heart of Tarpon Springs, Florida. CAP was organized
for the sole purpose of acquiring and restoring the previously
abandoned Union Academy Elementary School, where many
of the residents within the community started their formal
education. Union Academy was not only a center for
education, but was also the focal point of activity,
social events and community pride.

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The Computer Lab

The Computer Lab located at the Union Academy Family Center is open Monday thru Friday from 9am - 6pm for the general public. The lab offers individualized learning with a curriculum to increase learning and to assess interest for future employment. Components include: basic skill development, ESL, GED Preparation, FCAT preparation, middle school preparation, high school preparation, school-to-work preparation and post secondary preparation. To register for a session, please schedule an appointment by calling 934-5881- Ext 0

Youth Leadership
Meet Monday and Wednesdays

5:00 pm

A Juvenile Welfare Board Funded Organization

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